Individual Services

KHA provides in-depth services for individual tax-related requirements, trusts, estates, and personal assets. We have extensive experience in resolving problems with the IRS and other taxing agencies including negotiations on delinquent taxes; amending prior year tax returns; and many other tax issues.

Retirement Plans
We have specialists in retirement plan administration who will advise you on what is best for your particular situation. We’ll help you select the best retirement plan for you and monitor it to keep your plan in compliance with an ever changing myriad of complex laws.

We work extensively with individual retirement accounts (IRA’s). From traditional IRA’s to Roth IRA’s, we’ll take care of such issues as rollovers, required minimum distributions, beneficiary designations, inherited IRA’s, recharacterizations and any other situation that may require professional attention.

Management Advisory
Throughout the years we have worked with hundreds of individuals gaining valuable insights to a variety of complex tax situations and solutions. These experiences have led to a creation of additional management services and strategic alliances. We also provide necessary services including computer consulting and can help you implement programs such as management reports, and a variety of financial record keeping materials.

Strategic Alliances
Our experience on a local and regional basis has afforded us the opportunity to develop working relationships with a variety of selected companies and consultants. From information systems to marketing, we will arrange a suitable alliance to meet your particular needs.